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Teeth Whitening

Giving you your whitest smile

What is teeth whitening?

Many patients are happy with their smile, but wish to brighten and whiten their teeth. Many products are now available for patients to whiten their teeth. These products include commercially available strips; custom fabricated trays with a bleaching gel or bleaching in a dental office using UV light or laser as the catalyst. There are limitations to these products. Visit with your prosthodontist to determine the best teeth brightening and whitening procedures for you.

What to Expect

Porcelain Veneers typically require two appointments. At the first, an impression is made of the teeth, and temporary veneers are made which will be worn until the final veneers return from the lab. The temporary veneers mimic the final veneers so the patient can visualize the final product before it is “final”. At the second appointment, the porcelain veneers are fitted to the teeth. The patient is then allowed to examine the veneers and give feedback before they are cemented. We do everything possible to ensure that you are not only satisfied, but thrilled with the look of your new teeth.

Depending on the amount of changes necessary, composite veneers can usually be made in one appointment. The tooth is roughened slightly and the composite resin is added, shaped, and polished in order to create the ideal tooth dimensions and color.

Consider Teeth Whitening If…

  • You would like to have a whiter smile
  • You have stains or darkening due to food or drink like coffee or wine
  • You need a faster, more lasting alternative to over the counter products

    Want to learn more about teeth whitening? 

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